Planning Application

An outline planning application will be submitted to West Somerset Council in Spring 2016. This will set the general parameters of the proposed development (i.e. access into the site, general layout, heights of buildings etc.) but leaves details such as the exact appearance of buildings for a later date, known as the reserved matters stage.

All the comments received during this consultation event will be made public and considered in preparing the finalised plans for the outline planning application. A Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) will support the application giving the general content of the consultation responses received and showing how the comments have shaped the finalised proposals.

Once the planning application has been submitted the finalised plans and technical documents will be available via the planning applications section of the West Somerset Council website, the link to which is provided here:

The Council will invite comments directly at that time. There will be further opportunities to comment on matters of architectural detail and materials at a later date, as part of any future Reserved Matters applications.

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