The site is located predominantly within the Environment Agency's lowest designation Flood Zone 1 which has been determined by extensive flood modelling undertaken by them and means that the site is not at risk of flooding for any event up to 1 in 1,000 years.

A small section of the site to the south east lies within the Environment Agency's Flood Zone 2 and consequently further modelling has been undertaken in the West Somerset Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, which has confirmed that this particular area is not at risk.  No development is shown in this area on the current concept plan but should it be considered later then further modelling will be undertaken to ensure that there would be no detrimental effect to the land or the surrounding area.

Surface water disposal within the site will follow all appropriate Sustainable Urban Drainage Guidelines to ensure that the development does not increase the risk of flooding to the surrounding area and where possible provides betterment to the existing situation.

Liaison with Wessex Water will be carried out to determine whether their existing network within the area is of an acceptable standard to accommodate foul water flows generated on this site. If this is not possible appropriate upgrade works will be carried out both on the site and in the local area to service this development.