Highways and Access

The site is sustainably located and provides the opportunity for residents to walk and cycle to local services and amenities that may be required on a day to day basis.

Located immediately south of Doniford Road at the eastern edge of Watchet, the site is in an accessible position, close to local facilities on Liddymore Road, such as the Co-operative, Spar and several takeaways. These can easily be reached via Cherry Tree Way. Additional facilities are available within the town centre, which is also highly accessible by public transport, walking or cycling.

Regular bus services are available on Doniford Road. There are peak hourly services to the centres of Minehead and Bridgwater. The closest bus stops are located on Doniford Road between Culvercliffe Road and Mariners Way, approximately 825 metres (about 10 minutes walk) from the centre of the site.

Personal Injury Accidents statistics have been reviewed for the last five years and this has identified that there are no accident 'hot spots' in the local highway network.

As part of the development proposals measures will be implemented to promote sustainable transport methods.

Access to the site is proposed via a new priority junction with Doniford Road and this will help reduce pressure on other existing roads in the area. New footpaths will be provided to connect the site with Doniford Road but at this stage it is yet to be established if this will be needed across the whole of the site, particularly as no development is envisaged on the north facing slope. The proposals will instead focus on increasing pedestrian connections to local facilities and services to the northwest and improving connections with Liddymore Road via Cherry Tree Way. Furthermore, it may be possible to upgrade the poor existing internal road surfaces in this area which are privately owned by local residents.

A Transport Assessment will be submitted in support of the planning application. The scope of this has been discussed and agreed with highways officers at Somerset County Council and will consider the potential impact of the development on the wider highway network.

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