The fields to the south of Normandy Avenue are relatively flat, lying at an elevation of approximately 20m Above Ordnance Datum (AOD). To the north the land begins to rise steeply to form a short ridge behind the built form. The ridge rises up to a high point of 48m AOD, before dropping down to meet Doniford Road at approximately 30m AOD. The field immediately to the south of Doniford Road and the field which runs along the ridge are bounded by young woodland and scrub; these areas are locally designated as a Wildlife site.

Further south the site straddles Normandy Avenue, which serves two distinct 'pockets' of post war housing. The western pocket abuts the existing urban edge of Watchet and is served by a pedestrian connection into the town, whilst the eastern pocket is slightly more remote.

There is a public right of way from Alamein Road along the driveway to Liddymore Farm, but at present there are no other links of public access across the site.

The site itself could be sub-divided into two character areas, as follows:

  • The northern fields have long range views to both the sea and the Welsh Coast in the distance as well as to the wider landscape inland. These two fields, which have an inter-visibility with the wider landscape sit atop a low hill and are bounded by dense young woodland. The grassland on these fields appears largely unmanned and there is no public access.
  • The southern fields have no visual connection with the coast and are largely used as horse paddocks, some being further divided by electric fencing. This, together with the housing that is located to the east and the west including the road connecting them, gives the area an 'urban edge' character.

As a result of the site's topography the visual relationship with the surrounding area varies greatly. The site is visible from a number of locations within the wider landscape, however the lower lying southern fields are far less prominent and can be seen within the context of both the town and the houses around Normandy Avenue.

Careful consideration of these issues has informed the concept layout presented. This has included the measures described in the various sections of this website and keeping development below the 30m AOD contour line to ensure the proposals integrate with the urban edge character of the landscape.

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