The proposal

The proposal has been shaped to positively address the key opportunities and constraints as identified. The concept layout provides a spatial representation - an indication of how the development parcels, landscaped areas, open spaces, ecological areas and new access locations could be arranged and demonstrating how a sensitive development can be delivered.

The proposal illustrates approximately 150 new homes served via primary new vehicular access onto Doniford Road to the north and a secondary vehicular access point to the south.

The concept layout seeks to create a distinctive high quality scheme that respects the character of Watchet, the surrounding townscape and wider countryside. The proposed layout shows generous areas of open space that incorporate existing landscape and ecological features. The site's location on the edge of Watchet means that the local facilities on Liddymore Road and access to Doniford Road are within short walking distance making a good location to create a sustainable development and an attractive and locally distinctive sense of place.

The northern elements of the site provides an opportunity to retain and enhance landscape character by keeping the most visible parts of the site free from development while also enhancing its biodiversity value and managing the open space in a sensitive manner.

The layout is characterised by a series of inter-connected open spaces, linked by a green street, providing a landscaped setting to the proposed development. This includes green space, attenuation ponds, landscape buffers and native tree planting throughout the site with enhanced and managed ecology areas on the hilltop. The existing trees contribute towards the character and feel of the site and will be complemented by pockets of open space leading to the hilltop park and ecological / wildlife area. The development has been set back to maintain the leafy drive feel of Cherry Tree Way.

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